% Of cities congestion and pollution is caused by people looking for a parking place

Intelligent Transport Society of America, 2015


% of drivers end up parking illegally in Paris Saint-Germain district

Association for European Transport and Contributors, 2006


Is the number of hours wasted annually per driver on the roads in The Netherlands

INRIX, 2015

While drivers are looking for a vacant parking place on street, they will typically slow down and circle around. This is the main reasons why parking seekers creates traffic congestion and urban pollution


Intelligent Street Parking is a turnkey solution for connected street parking management including devices, platform and applications

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Enough stress! Use our Parking-Finder App and you will be guaranteed the best locations and prices! And best of all, it guides you right to a free parking spot!

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Application Providers

Our Smart Flow cloud platform help you connect your devices, manage your assets, and provide value added applications to your customers

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Parking Operators

Our Parking Analytics solution helps increasing parking terrain yield by adapting parking pricing based on real time occupancy and customers data

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How It Works

We make the driving experience as simple as 1 2,3

step 1

Plan your trip

step 2

Select a vacant parking location on street

step 3

Let the App guide you to your destination

step 3

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Most Secure Solution on The Market

We take security very seriously. Unlike other sensor or camera based solutions on the market, our IoT sensors are connected to a private secure network which is not accessible via Internet.

The network we use is not IP (Internet Protocol) based therefore shielding our customers assets from internet attacks and intrusions..

Global Coverage

While other solutions on the markets require Internet access to connect a camera, or need to build a local radio coverage in every street, Our solutions is readily available in multiple countries across Europe, Asia and Americas.

Some of the countries where we can operate : The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, US, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea… Please contact to verify the availability in your country.


We offer a plug and play solution. The sensor can be installed in less than 5 minutes, in any country where we operate, and be immediately connected and ready to use.

Other sensor solutions on the market require to build local coverage in every street based on relays and controllers making the installation and maintenance of these solutions very complex. Camera based solutions require installation in poles or in high buildings and need a lot of calibration, making the installation process complicated.

Cost Optimization

By reducing the implementations cost: A plug and play solution makes the implementation of our customer projects very fast therefore reducing installation and deployment costs.

By reducing the operational and management costs : Relying on a battery only, lasting for up to 10 years makes the total cost of ownership very optimized.


YazamTec Smart Parking sensor is designed to be mounted very fast in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicules in real time

IoT International Network

YazamTec can operate in more than 40 countries under secure IoT Networks of SigFox and LoRa major players in the low power, wide-area network space

Partnership Ecosystem

YazamTec Smartflow platform can connect to different platforms from diverse sources to provide cities with a unified view of the parking landscape. Partners such as parking enforcement authorities and merchants are tapped to contribute to this wealth of knowledge, creating a win-win situation for both the city and its citizens