Our Technology

Based on the latest Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Big Data technologies, our solutions are designed for maximum security, energy efficiency, optimal cost and global reach


Most Secure Solution on The Market

We take security very seriously. Unlike other sensor or camera based solutions on the market, our IoT sensors are connected to a private secure network which is not accessible via Internet

Built For Global Reach, Scalability and High Precision

While other solutions on the markets require Internet access to connect a camera, or need to build a local radio coverage in every street, Our solutions is readily available in more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia and Americas

Highly Energy Efficient

The sensors and devices we use can last on a simple battery for up to 10 years. Whereas other sensor solutions or camera based solutions require access to the grid, our solution guarantees very low energy consumption and therefore lower energy and maintenance costs

The fastest solution to deploy

  • We offer a plug and play solution. The sensor can be installed in less than 5 minutes, in any country where we operate, and be immediately connected and ready to use
  • Other sensor solutions on the market require to build local coverage in every street based on relays and controllers making the installation and maintenance of these solutions very complex. Camera based solutions require installation in poles or in high buildings and need a lot of calibration, making the installation process complicated
  • Cost Optimization

    We optimize our customers costs throughout the whole project journey

  • By reducing the implementations cost: A plug and play solution makes the implementation of our customer projects very fast therefore reducing installation and deployment costs
  • By reducing the operational and management costs : Relying on a battery only, lasting for up to 10 years makes the total cost of ownership very optimized
  • The solution is offered as a service therefore our customers only pay for what they you use and scale up when they need
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